Everything is a Remix

June 16, 2012#

Everything is a Remix is a thought provoking video about IP, Copyright and Patents produced by Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based film maker. It’s an American take on IP and Patents but very much relates to the UK. Seeing how much the original concept of protecting inventors rights and promoting creative thinking has changed is a little scary. The opinion of how much the original concept has been abused by opportunist capitalists is quite an eye opener.

The belief in intellectual property has grown so dominant it’s pushed the original intent of copyrights and patents out of the public consciousness. But that original purpose is still right there in plain sight. The copyright act of 1790 is entitled “an Act for the encouragement of learning”. The Patent Act is “to promote the progress of useful Arts.”

Our system of law doesn’t acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. Instead, ideas are regarded as property, as unique and original lots with distinct boundaries. But ideas aren’t so tidy. They’re layered, they’re interwoven, they’re tangled. And when the system conflicts with the reality… the system starts to fail.

Visit: https://vimeo.com/kirbyferguson
Visit: http://www.everythingisaremix.info/
Visit: https://twitter.com/#!/remixeverything

Under the Scope: Victoria Lambert

May 30, 2012#

We have been working closely with Victoria Lambert to develop her new journalism website Under the Scope. Today the website has launched alongside the publication of news articles and videos. The above video is a short introduction of what the website is all about. Work included the development of branding for Under the Scope, video graphics and the design and build of a CMS based website integrated with social media.

“UndertheScope.co.uk combines researched, thoughtful articles and blogs by award-winning health journalist Victoria Lambert with contributions from medics, parliamentarians, psychologists, young journalists and great writers. Tackled with forensic zeal, issues covered range from pure medicine to the health of our society.”

Visit: www.underthescope.co.uk/
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/UnderTheScopeUK

Nourishing Habits for Nourishing Design

May 19, 2012#

A great talk by Craig Mod at the 2011 Build Conference on how great design is born from nourishing habits.

“The best designer is an aware designer. The best design solutions are found by deconstructing problems as they arise in our own lives. What habits can we as designers form to provide us with a more objective clarity in answering these problems? How can we apply these solutions to existing products? When is it time to build new products? There is an intersection between the cultivation of habit, personal experience and design application – it is nourishing and magic and something we should all strive to evoke.”

Visit: https://vimeo.com/build
Visit: http://craigmod.com/about/
Visit: http://2012.buildconf.com/

Via SwissMiss

Adobe CS6: Non-Format Video

April 25, 2012#

Non-Format is one of our favorite design studios. Comprising Kjell Ekhorn (Norwegian) and Jon Forss (British), Non-Format has a very innovative approach to typography and illustrative deconstructed graphic design. Clients includeas Nike, Coca Cola and The New York Times who have all had great success using the studio’s award winning and highly acclaimed design talent. Non-Format is based in Oslo, Norway and Minneapolis, USA. This video filmed for Adobe gives a brief view of their working life. Continue Reading

Gravity Effects

April 12, 2012#

Another beautiful set of artworks by illustrator Gianmarco Magnan aka Silence TV. I must buy some of his artworks from him.

Es la primera serie en la cual ilustro autos y he querido dedicar atención a 2 modelos antiguos no muy comunes:
El BMW isetta, el cual está ilustrado en el Print 023 y el Messerschmitt KR200 el cual está ilustrado en el Print 024. El haber ilustrado todos los autos sin neumáticos no tiene mayor explicación, simplemente cuando los tenían no se percibía con mucha claridad la sensación de estar: suspendido, cayendo, flotando o chochando es por eso que decidí simplemente obviarlos.

No sé si dedicaré alguna otra serie a este tema o a alguno similar. De momento estoy trabajando en una serie que tendrá como tema el segundo Album de Sixty Watts y también estoy trabajando algunos otros bocetos sobre “el espacio y el color”

Visit: http://www.silencetv.com/


Closer to the Edge

April 12, 2012#

We just got the chance to watch Closer to the Edge. The cinematography is breathtaking, with the sheer speed portrayed around the course. The documentary itself does hold your attention for the length of the film. The slow motion and panning shots must look amazing in 3D (we still need to buy a 3D projector). It makes you want to go and see the TT for real. But definitely not ride in it, Guy Martin’s fiery crash at 170mph underlines how dangerous it is. Not to mention the fatalities.

Visit: http://www.tt3dmovie.com/

MacDonald Oates LLP law firm website design

April 9, 2012#


We’ve just finished and launched a brand new website for our local law firm MacDonald Oates LLP. The firm has offices in Petersfield, Hampshire and Midhurst, West Sussex with lots of really friendly solicitors who really know their stuff. The website design and build involved a CMS to allow in-house updates and a blog section for news and events. The project also included linking the site into social media including a Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Visit: www.macdonaldoates.co.uk

Better Business By Design Exhibition

March 31, 2012#

This week we took part in the South East Design Forum design exhibition called Better Business by Design. The exhibition was all about highlighting the benefits that busiensses can take advantage of from employing good design throughout their business. Our submission was a case study showing the branding, print and web design carried out for Locutio Voice Technologies. The exhibition was attended by over 80 people on the opening night and on the whole was a great success.

Research shows that fewer than half of businesses in the South East believe design is integral to giving their business a competitive edge, yet at the same time three quarters of design-led business say they’ve gained a commercial advantage as a direct result of design. So where does your business fit? Progressing around the showcase you will be challenged to consider many areas of your business against showcased work; do you consider this within your business; could it be advantageous; where’s the benefit; could you pull in local colleagues to help discuss the issues and benefits?

Visit: www.betterbusinessbydesign.org.uk
Visit: www.sedf.org.uk/branches/location/petersfield
Photography by: http://www.focard.co.uk/

TED 2023 Viral Video: I will change the world

February 4, 2012#

The viral advertising campaign for Promethius has started to bring out some really interesting material. The 2023 TED Talk (backed by TED itself) by Peter Weyland is really quite impressive in the way it plays on the TED setup for Talks. It’s quite amazing TED would allow it’s brand to be used in this type of advertising. This also links up with the viral corporate site for Weyland Industries.

Stefan Strumbel

January 18, 2012#

Amazing cuckoo clocks and mounted trophies from Stefan Strumbel, a fine artist from the Black Forests of Germany. Stefan plays with folk art and the clichéd notions of home to create some really grabbing artworks. The use of colour is really strong in juxtaposition to how you’d normally see the objects. Must get one for our house!

With his art, Strumbel initiates a change in social values: Traditional ideals, clichéd notions of home and the reality of the individual are dissolved and transformed into an aesthetics that becomes an allegory of social status symbols. The artist unmasks the mechanisms of a society that is urged to the pursuit of consumerism by having surrendered to the attraction of the media. With his objects, Strumbel creates a world of illusion that reflects society’s real maladies.

Visit: http://www.stefanstrumbel.com/