Looking through Gianmarco Magnani’s website there are a number of new illustrations on show. Including a great Akira print that we’re going to have to get hold of. There’s also a  brilliant set of desktop wallpapers hidden away in the info page. It’s just a shame they’re not slightly higher resolution, but that’s understandable as the same artworks are available for purchase in the store.

My work is composed by almost a 70% design and 30% typography, so sometimes the handmade typography looks great but digitally you can get fine details that would take me many days to achieve with a pencil. Furthermore, digitally you have the opportunity to see your work up close and get many details which will make a whole piece looks quite worked. But there are some things that I never will change as the warmth of the stroke of a pencil or the feel of touching a sheet of paper.

Visit: http://www.silencetv.com/info.html
Visit: http://www.silencetv.com/

Interview: http://www.emptykingdom.com/main/featured/empty-kingdom-interview-gianmarco-magnani/