ANTIGIRL – 2007 Handmade Collection

 ANTIGIRL - 2007 Handmade Collection

The new Antigirl site is sweet, chocca with distinctive collages and you can buy most of them as prints or posters in the shop – way too tempting! Tiphanie sounds like quite a character…

i’m in my early 20s and i live and work in a tiny studio i share with a boy in downtown phoenix. i spend my time working on art collections, ranging from mixed media collage to industrial design pieces made out of wood. i also like practicing the craft of handmade paper goods, books, cards, and etceteras. i’m super shy and don’t have a good time having small talk with random strangers. i drink bourbon (kentucky) straight up and like games of scrabble and cards, and shooting guns as stress relief (glock-19 & hk .357sig). i’m into big angry bald men, analysis, all forms of violence, and packaged liquor at 2am.

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