The Dark Lens Series by Cedric Delsaux

The Dark Lens project by Cedric Delsaux has been a work in progress since 2005 and linked many times online. A new set of images has been released which made me revisit the project. An amazing combination of photography shot in Paris, Lille and Dubai combined with elements of the Star Wars universe.

Visit: and World Famous Design Junkies article

“Master advertisement photographer Cédric Delsaux has been working on this series for some time now, having started out clicking droids, Jedi, and spaceshipmobiles without any intent of stopping all those years (5) ago. But now the completion has come! Having taken his final of three sets in Dubai, now dubbing the entire series Dark Lens, Delsaux reports that the circle is now complete.”

All photos copyright Cedric Delsaux: