Fake Criterion Collection

Midnight Marauder is a Los Angeles based designer who is producing a series of great ‘fake’ Criterion film posters and DVD jackets. Apparently there are going to be prints available to buy soon. It’s an interesting mixture of different classic films (and some recent releases) with fresh approaches to the film branding that is often completely different to the original material released by the production companies.

Marauder’s work covers a lot of ground but focus on science fiction horror films and classic, good films that would be worthy of the Criterion treatment. His work ties extreme fandom with a great eye for graphic design. We’ve written about graphic design and movie posters before and what Marauder does is tie this sense of what the movie is with distilling it down to perfect representatives of the film. As you go through his work, you can tell that the truly fan made posters, products driven from an allegiance and love for a film.

Visit: http://midmarauder.tumblr.com/
Visit: http://www.behance.net/marauder
Visit: http://www.laimyours.com/21149/near-perfect-fan-made-movie-posters/
Visit: http://www.criterion.com/