Steffen Jahn Photography

This stunning set of photos are from a 2010 photo shoot to recreate the battle between the Porsche 917K and Ferrari 512S in the 1970 Spa 1000km race. Shot by Steffen Jahn they really create a strong atmosphere and sense of speed. Steffen has a really stunning portfolio of work.

Stuttgart-based Steffen Jahn uses a 56 megapixel Mamiya Leaf Aptus-II 10 to shoot these stunning images, capturing the spirit of the cars he photographs as much as their design and profile.

“I always try to bring inanimate objects to life. A car is all about speed, movement and acceleration and the fascination it brings to the driver as well as to the spectators. This is what I try to emphasize in my images,” said Jahn.

He discovered his passion for photography at an early age and up until recently relied on the traditional virtues of film, “After finishing an apprenticeship in one of Europe’s biggest car studios, I started to assist car photographers worldwide for a couple of years – and this lead straight into becoming a car photographer.”