Prometheus UI by Territory

It’s inspiring when you see the work of a friend from University on the big screen at your local cinema. Territory Studio in London worked on creating the User Interface graphics for last years Prometheus by Ridley Scott.

The video above was posted earlier in the week to showcase the UI work they put together for use in production. It’s really impressive to see such complex organic graphics used in a high tech way. David Sheldon-Hicks talks through working on the project in an interview with Art of VFX:

“The biggest challenge was technically achieving the node based operating system we had devised. We wanted the computer graphics to use lots of connected lines, almost like cables or tentacles. The movements and shapes of these node lines would be affected by the steady undulating rhythm of tabs, windows and widgets. To create these nodes strands in the way we wanted in After Effects proved to be a little tricky. In-fact, at the time, we couldn’t find a plugin or work-around that would make it work. We had the option of going into 3d which would have worked, but based on our timelines wasn’t practical. In the end a good friend, Carl Fairweather, built us a plugin that gave us the solution. We had lots of Bezier handle controls that we could parent and weight to other objects movements. All our motion designers loved it and he developed it further as we started asking for more features.”