Olly Moss

This video from Offset 2012  is an interesting look into the working process of Winchester based graphic designer Olly Moss. He talks about his career and the creative process involved with creating poster artworks for a number of big Hollywood films. Not only does he discuss his successful projects but he also goes through a number of jobs that didn’t come out as intended. There’s also a look at his debut exhibition in LA at Gallery 1988.

“Best known for his re-imaginings of film posters, Moss makes images that are true to the heart of the movie, but filtered through a worldview that assumes intelligence and a wry understanding of pop culture from the audience. Clever and a little retro, Moss’s work makes the art slaves in Hollywood marketing departments weep with envy at his brilliance. It’s not only fan boys who’ve taken note. Sony, Lucasfilm, Apple, Penguin Books, Nike, Mondo Tees, Studio Ghibli – Moss counts them among his client list.”

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/55846250

Visit: http://www.ollymoss.com/