The Circle – Jessica Hische

After recently reading The Circle by Dave Eggers I noticed the credit for the cover design and realised why I’d picked up the book in the first place. The cover is beautifully designed by Jessica Hische. The look in terms of colour, typography and finish are very modern but it has a slightly retro sci-fi feel that brings to mind Lost and the Dharma Initiative. A nice diversion to go and have a browse of Jessica’s lovely typographic work.

After working with Dave Eggers on Hologram for the King I was pumped to be brought on board to design his new book,The Circle. It was especially fun to design this cover, as I’ve spent the last two years living in San Francisco surrounded by the tech industry (my husband works for Facebook) and the story is set in an influential social media company. I also had to design a logo for the fictitious company, The Circle, and was inspired by the interweaving connectivity of social media sites and also knots that once tight are difficult to untie.