Ricardo Santos Artworks

Portuguese art director and graphic designer Ricardo Santos has created a striking set of artworks based on classic car and race livery design. The deconstruction …

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Go Faster: The Graphic Design of Racing Cars

Another beautiful design book by Gestalten. ‘Go Faster’ is a collection of over one hundred examples of racecar design that shows the carefree anarchy in which they were created. In the book, ‘colorful racing cars are featured next to blank, white models. Thanks to this juxtaposition, Go Faster not only takes its readers on a breakneck ride through images of racing history, but also shows them exactly how the graphics modulate the look of the vehicle.’ Gestalten Video in post.

Visit: http://www.gestalten.com/books/detail?id=ceafb21a24b0f7bc01250bdacde90085

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Laurent Nivalle: Le Mans Classic

A really rich portfolio of from French photographer Laurent Nivalle. The Le Mans Classic gallery looks amazing with beautiful depth-of-field and compsition. A great retro …

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