ZOK International

Rejuvenating the biggest name in jet engine maintenance

ZOK has formulated and manufactured environmentally responsible gas turbine compressor cleaning fluids since 1980. Their proven cleaning formula has been endorsed by the British MoD and used by leading global operators in all industry sectors. We were appointed to rebrand the core company and unify its product range with a clear and distinct application hierarchy.


  • Create a new brand identity for ZOK International Limited referencing the company origin story
  • Design a common visual language for the full range of ZOK formulas
  • Reposition the core company and formulas both visually and digitally
  • Create new brand messaging and bring it to life in print and product packaging
  • Design and produce an entirely new digital experience for the website
  • Develop assets to help celebrate the companies 40th year in business


The central aim of ZOK is restoring and maintaining the performance and efficiency of the jet turbine engine. The distinctive splines central to the functioning of jet engines provided a starting point to develop a simplified logo form. Complimented with the use of a bold slab serif type the core ZOK identity system communicates the technical and industrial nature of its use.

Central to the ZOK product family are formulas 27 and MX, sub-branding was created to communicate the eco-friendly and industrial nature of each. With further sub-marks allowing for GOLD STANDARD accredited Cefas variations. The development of the new company and product branding led to our involvement in the naming and creation of ZOK DW, a completely new addition to the product family.


“We were looking to ‘freshen’ our branding (website, product labelling, marketing materials, etc.) and Nick at Agent8 produced several innovative concepts. Once we had chosen our preferred concept, he worked closely with us ensuring a coherent theme throughout.

Since the rebranding, monthly website pageviews have increased by 248%, the majority of which were genuine enquiries, which is astounding.

We are delighted with the end result, as are our global distributors, all of whom have their own page on the website. Customer feedback on the new ZOK  branding has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Simon Kyte, Director, ZOK International

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